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Engineering Case - 2

Construction Cases of SD series Rotary Drilling Rig

Work site: Extended Area of Taijin Highway in Taizhon City, Zhejiang, China
User:Zhejang Port Construction Company
Diameter of drill floor:1000mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1800mm
Drilling depth: about 66m
Subsoil conditions:the strata are complex, which mostly backfilled soil, fluid silt, strongly weathered tuff, middle or little weathered tuff. In generally, the rotary drilling rig can drill the middle weathered tuff averagely in 7 -9 hours.
Work site: Highspeed Xiangyun Bridge of Taiyuan Airport
Construction enterprise::Shanghai Guanglian Basic Engineering Company
Shaft diameter:2000mm
Depth: 75m
Subsoil conditions:clay and unconsolidated sand, it make 60 stand with diameter of 2m in 20 hours which reflect its high efficiency
Work site: National Gymnasium or called Bird’s Nest
Construction enterprise:Beijing Yousheng Building Demolish Co., Ltd.
Hole diameter:1000mm
Shaft depth:42m
Subsoil conditions:1-35m clay ,under 35m strong clay, the average time of hole making is 4 hours.
Work site: Dubai in Middle East
Construction enterprise:UAE Global Company
Hole diameter :800mm, 1m
Shaft depth:24m
Subsoil conditions:sand , need 500 occlude pickets
Hole diameter:800mm
Shaft depth: need protecting picket of 8 m when stand is under 11-12m
Work site: Dallas in USA
Construction enterprise:becks soumbapion
Shaft diameter: 2.5m
drilled depth:15m
Subsoil conditions:loess and clay
Work site: Dubai in UAE
User :UAE Drainage Company
Shaft diameter:1m
Shaft depth:28m
Subsoil conditions:sand or sandstone
Work site: Highway of Capital Airport
Construction enterprise:Beijing Dongdi Earth Engineering Company Shaft diameter:1.5m
Drilled depth: 46m
Subsoil conditions:clay and sand soil
Average time of hole making: 4 hours
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