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Engineering Case - 1

Construction Cases of SG series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grab

Work site: Expo construction site in area of Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard Co.,Ltd.

Construction enterprise: Shanghai Jinheyuan Company
Wall width:1000mm
Wall depth:39m
Subsoil conditions: 0-32m Topsoil
32-36m Loess(stiff)
36-39m Hardpan making wall depth of 6 m for 9 hours with verticality about 1:500
Work site: Transportation hub --Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Construction enterprise: Shanghai Tianyu Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Lurui Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yuanzhou Co., Ltd.
Wall width:1000mm,800mm
Wall depth:52m,48m
Subsoil conditions: Hardpan and stiff clay. The hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs make wall depth of 6 m for 18-19 hours with verticality above 3:1000
Work site: Pacific Building at Huzhiming City, Vietnam
Construction enterprise:Vietnam Pacific Co., Ltd.
Wall width:1000mm
Wall depth:45m
Square basic shaft:1.2m*2.8m*67m
Subsoil conditions:Sand bed,Stiff hardpan. The hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs make the wall depth of 6m for 20 hours with the verticality above 3/1000. The Square shaft was finished within 26 hours.
Total engineering capacity: 23000 cube meters
Work site: Underground park of Integrated multi-purpose
administration building in Moscow

Construction enterprise: Russia BAM.CJSC Co., Ltd
Wall width:600mm
Wall depth:28m
Square basic shaft: 0.8m*3m*30m,0.8m*6m*30m
Subsoil conditions:Black sand clay, black hardpan
Work site: FLOREASCA Avenue, The 1st District, Bucharest City, Rumania
Construction enterprise: Rumania Octagon Company
Wall width:1000mm
Wall depth:40m
Polygon basic shaft:width 0.6m,depth 45m
Subsoil conditions:Soil,sand soil,stiff hardpan

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